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UAW Strike

Support for Michigan Small Businesses that may be Impacted by the UAW Strike

It’s a challenging time for small businesses that may be impacted by the UAW strike. Now, more than ever, the Michigan SBDC stands ready to provide no-cost consulting services to help your small business, no matter what potential obstacles you’re facing or what new strategies you seek to employ.

The UAW strike (the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America) affects a variety of industries. Whether you are a supplier, restaurant owner or dislocated worker interested in starting a business, our small business consultants are available to advise on the following topics:

Finance Operations

  • Manage cash reserves
  • Diversify suppliers
  • Adjust production schedules
  • Review fixed costs
  • Review insurance coverage
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Connect with property owners
  • Seek available support funding

Business Optimization

  • Diversify customers
  • Review contracts
  • Explore new markets
  • Focus on innovation
  • Collaborate with other companies

Employee-Related Topics

  • Cross-train employees
  • Explore temp opportunities
  • Offer flexible work arrangements

Develop a contingency plan, stay informed, communicate and collaborate with partners.

Is your small business impacted by the UAW strike?

Reach out to get in touch with a business consultant.

Other Resources for Businesses

Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO)

Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA)

UIA also provides resources to support employers who may experience an interruption to their business as a result of the strike, including:

  • Work Share: Provides an option to reduce employee hours while still keeping your skilled workforce intact. Employees can collect partial unemployment benefits to make up for some of the pay they would lose if their hours were reduced.
  • Registration and Seeking Work Waiver: During a short-term layoff, this program waives the requirement that workers must register and search for work while receiving unemployment benefits. This assures employers that their trained and skilled workforce is available to return to work when the temporary layoff ends.
  • Employer Filed Claims: Employers can submit to the UIA unemployment claims information on behalf of laid off full-time workers. This fast and secure method assures the accuracy of information provided to the UIA and reduces the potential for fraud.