Covid-19 & Cybersecurity Scams

Please be aware of the many different Covid-19 cyber scams that are currently taking place. It has been reported by CNN and other news agencies that fake websites are popping up, phishing emails claiming to have a cure are being sent, and scam phone calls are all taking place. Expect an increase of these scams over the coming weeks and months.

Be diligent of phishing emails. If you receive an unsolicited email, especially if they claim to be from the CDC, health entities, or other government agencies, be very cautious and do not click on any of the links or download the attachments in the email. If you go to a website, verify it is the legitimate website and not a spoofed one, very the URL. Instead of emails, you may receive a phone call, treat these as you would a phishing attempt, do not give them any private or personal information. For more information please check out this CISA article and this article from the FTC.

For the latest information on the Michigan SBDC and the Covid-19 response please visit the Michigan SBDC website here