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About SU2 Systems Inc.

Orion Trading Systems is a provider of multi-asset trading software to brokers, educators, and their customers. Their Orion Multi-Trader (OMT) software is a fully customizable solution with a unique ability to connect to multiple brokers and trade multiple assets to meet the needs of an ever more diverse group of active traders. OMT also offers trade automation capabilities which requires no programming skills. The company is continuing to grow its network of brokers and educational partners in the US as well as overseas.

The consulting teams from SBDC and LEAP have been invaluable in helping Orion Trading Systems develop its early-stage marketing strategy as well as navigate the uncertainty caused by the COVID pandemic.Paresh Malde, CEO and Founder

Key Accomplishments

  • Raised approximately $1.2M in financing
  • Launched OMT v8 in Q1 2021 with complex options
  • Completed OMT integration with major online broker
  • Signed first OEM Agreement with educator
  • Received Amazon AWS Active $100K Award
  • Launched OMT Cloud version in Q3 2021
  • Signed first OEM agreement for OMT Cloud

Michigan SBDC Assistance

Tech Team Consulting

•Investor Presentations

•Marketing Strategy

•Business Plan Overview

•Financing Strategy in response to COVID Era Uncertainty

Business Accelerator Fund

•$28,800 in Engagements Through LEAP



Additional Support From


•Red Cedar Fund

•Invest Detroit

Published September 2021.

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