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Having found your way to this blog, you’re probably wondering: Is this worth my time? Will I get anything useful out of this? Well, we think so. You will be gaining first-hand advice and content across a broad swath of topics from Michigan small business consultants with decades of experience working with early-stage and startup companies. If you have an issue, we’ve probably seen it. 

What to Expect from Us. We are here to educate, advise and provide small business help. Every month we will bring you articles about particular small business issues as well as commentary on a related contemporary business issue. All this will take the form of tips and advice, success/case studies, interviews, resources guides, etc.

What We Expect from You. This blog is intended to be a two-way street for the benefit of ALL small business owners, so be engaged. Provide us with feedback, comments and questions by emailing us at We want to know what we are doing well and what is killing you, what you want to learn more about and what your own experiences are.

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A weary entrepreneur sitting at a cluttered desk, with a laptop. The entrepreneur a hand on their head, looking tired and overwhelmed, but with a determined look in their eyes.

So, You Want to be an Entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is really, really hard. What does it take for an entrepreneur...


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The bots are real and they are creating fake network traffic all over the...


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IRS imposter scams

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Buying a business

There is a lot that goes into buying a business, in fact it can...


Plugin problems

WordPress website plugin problems have popped up over the last few months impacting over...


I cannot recall

I cannot recall a time when a default setting had me so concerned. I...


49 million customers

Last week Dell Technologies started notifying 49 million customers of a data breach. Should...


Safe from malware

I have an Apple device, I am safe from malware and viruses. I have...