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All Things Small Business

Welcome to the Small Business Blog – a (bi)monthly point of view on all things small business. From cybersecurity to customer service to employee recruitment and retention, we’re here to help.

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A weary entrepreneur sitting at a cluttered desk, with a laptop. The entrepreneur a hand on their head, looking tired and overwhelmed, but with a determined look in their eyes.

So, You Want to be an Entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur is really, really hard. What does it take for an entrepreneur...

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Small business growth

Managing Small Business Growth

The Michigan SBDC offers no-cost consulting for small business growth. To grow your small...

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small business exporting

Small Business Exporting

Should your small business begin exporting? Market your products to international audiences with the...

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A small business owner meeting with a consultant

The Value of Hiring a Consultant for Your Small Business: Dispelling Common Myths

Hiring a consultant for your small business may sound like a great idea, but...

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Michigan Small Business Challenges & Solutions

Owning a small business has its perks and rewards, but let’s face it: there...

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7 Things Successful Michigan Small Businesses Have in Common

You want your Michigan small business to thrive and so do we. But what...

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How to Attract and Retain Great Employees in Today’s Labor Market

Hiring employees—it’s a dreaded phrase for many small business owners today, given the tight...

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Marketing Your Small Business

At the Michigan SBDC, we understand every small business has a brand, but the...

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How to Hire Employees

It is important to hire the right people, train them well, keep them happy...