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How to Sell or Transfer Ownership of Your Small Business

We can help you make an informed decision.

Why Seek Help With Selling Your Business

Selling your small business is a big step, so it’s important that you seek out the right support in creating a transition plan. Before transferring ownership, you want to feel confident in your new owner and their path forward. From determining your small business’ value to finding the right fit for the future of your small business, the Michigan SBDC is here to help.

How We Can Support With Selling Your Business

If you’re looking to create a transition plan for business ownership or an exit strategy, our team is equipped to help you through this stage of the entrepreneurial life cycle. We’ll support you through this phase in the following ways:

  • Understanding Business Value with a Scratchpad Valuation
    Getting a valuation with Scratchpad is the key to understanding your small business’ worth. Measure your data to successfully calculate your company’s value.
  • Growing Value with The Value Builder System™️
    Evaluate your current small Michigan business value with The Value Builder System™ to learn the ways your business can improve its performance.
  • Understanding Deal Structure & Due Diligence
    Before selling or transferring ownership of your business, seek support with deal structure and do your due diligence in ensuring the transaction is serving both the buyer and seller.
  • Managing Change to Preserve Your Vision & Values
    Selling or transferring your small business can evoke new ideas, opportunities and direction. Ensure new ownership is preserving your core values and optimize your original vision with the Michigan SBDC.
  • Working with a Business Broker
    A business broker can take your company’s value to the next level. By seeking professional expertise from a business broker, you can secure your business’ worth and assure your transition is safe and sound.
  • Assembling an Advisory Team
    An advisory team can be valuable to the process of selling your small business. Gather an advising team to assist with your decisions when selling or transferring your small business.

Learn About the Value Builder System

Whether you want to sell your business now or decades into the future, your free Value Builder Score will help you understand your business’s performance on key factors that drive the value of your business. Prepare for a smart business exit by understanding your Value Builder Score!

Request Small Business Consulting

Request small business consulting with the Michigan SBDC to successfully sell or transfer your small business. Contact us to learn more about what the Michigan SBDC has to offer.

I would highly recommend the Michigan SBDC for help in succession planning. I attended their ‘How to Buy and Sell a Business’ workshop before I was ready to sell, and then revisited the information when the time was right. I learned how necessary a good succession plan is for every small business, and got the resources I needed to make it happen.Jill Batka, former owner of Norton Shores company