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Uplift Michigan




Uplift Michigan™ is more than a program. It’s a strategic movement designed to ensure equitable access for all diverse entrepreneurs across Michigan.

It’s a Fact!

Despite the many barriers that historically marginalized entrepreneurs face, small businesses in underserved communities contribute a significant portion to Michigan’s economy and often act as the economic lifeblood to the local community.

Building a path to success for minority and underrepresented small businesses is more than the right thing to do. It’s good for Michigan.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Get started with our free one-on-one business consulting.


Uplift Michigan™ Programs

Check out the Michigan SBDC’s current Uplift Michigan programming happening in your area!

90-day Business Refinement Program:  Currently active in Bay County
BBCetc’s MI Catalyst Advantage Network (MI-CAN) – Currently active statewide
Uplift Michigan – Macomb County – Fall Cohort 2023
Uplift Michigan – Upper Peninsula & Northwest Region
Uplift Michigan – Greater Muskegon Area
Uplift Michigan – Lake Huron Region – Spring Cohort 2023
Uplift Michigan – PITCH BLACK
Uplift Michigan – PITCH BLACK Grand Rapids

Our Approach

We define a holistic inclusion strategy for minorities and underrepresented to include BIPOC, immigrants, refugees, women, disabled, Native Americans, LBGTQ, veterans, returning citizens, and the economically disadvantaged among other groups in the underrepresented classification. We offer culturally and linguistically inclusive resources and expert consultants with cultural competency to build trust and ensure learning success. 

Uplift Michigan addresses 3 critical barriers to economic inclusion


Our one-to-one support and education will develop your financial literacy skills, business plans, and guidance with funding applications and loan preparation.

Professional Connections

Connect to our wide network of professionals who can help support your entrepreneurial journey each step of the way.

Growth Strategies

Team up with our business experts that can support you at every stage of the business lifecycle to help your business grow.


What the SBDC did for me was help me focus on what my business actually is, where my profit margins will be, and where my audience is.Ty Gray-El, TyGrayEl LLC

Resources for Diverse Entrepreneurs

The Michigan SBDC has resources and training available specifically for underrepresented small businesses, including materials that are available in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. Check out our on-demand webinars, or download free resources that can help you start and scale your business.

These free resources can help you start and scale your business.

Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business


Business Plan Outline


Business Model Canvas


Business Plan Executive Summary


Budgets and Financial Forecasting


View in a Different Language

Do you speak a language other than English? Access small business support in:

Be a Part of Uplift Michigan

By starting and growing a strong business, you can be an important part of your community’s economic vitality. You can participate whether this is your first time to the SBDC or you are already an SBDC client!

Find resources to strengthen your skills, attend webinars to learn from experts, or sign up for free business counseling—and be a part of Uplift Michigan!

About the National Inclusivity Challenge

The Michigan SBDC is a part of the America’s Small Business Development Center (ASBDC) Network. The ASBDC created a nationwide Inclusivity Challenge for all its network and partners as a long-term commitment to economic inclusion and empowerment for the underserved small business community. 

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