With AI (artificial intelligence) taking us by storm it is important to remember the AI cyber threat is very real. The Hacker News reports on a new AI tool known as ‘FraudGPT’ is being marketed on the dark web and telegram as a new resource for cyber criminals to utilize. This new AI cyber threat allows for offensive capabilities in creating targeted spear phishing attacks, password cracking, and credit card stuffing. 

Things to remember

As exciting as it can be when new technology like ChatGPT, Google Bard, or Bing AI become more accessible and functional, it is important to remember there will also be those who make similar tools for nefarious purposes, like FraudGPT. Cyber criminals will even use the legitimate tools mentioned above for criminal actions as they are free and readily accessible. It is okay to get excited for new innovations, but we need to remember they could pose a threat too.

What you can do

Like with all cyber threats, most start with awareness and training. Our people, employees, coworkers, etc., are our best protection from falling victim to cyber attacks.  So it is important to continuously educate and raise awareness of current cybersecurity trends and threats to your teams. Bring up real examples of phishing emails hitting your email inboxes, talk about AI and how cyber criminals will be using it to make high quality phishing emails, and ask them to report any suspicious emails or links they see. Having a cyber friendly environment is critical in protecting your small business. This friendly environment empowers your teams to come forward and report any suspicious cyber activities.

As a lot of these attacks start with an email, having proper email security can go a long way. Having an anti-virus program on your computer is not enough. I recommend an enterprise or paid email client to start off with. These versions offer extra security features that you can configure and adjust to better meet your needs. I also suggest considering an email security gateway as an additional layer of protection. 

What is an email security gateway?

According to TechTarget.com, “An email security gateway is a product or service that is designed to prevent the transmission of emails that break company policy, send malware or transfer information with malicious intent.” 

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