Earlier this month Barracuda issued an alert that their Barracuda email security gateway product requires immediate replacement. This is a rare move in the fact they are not currently able to patch the security vulnerability that has been identified. Barracuda urges customers to contact their support team if they have not yet replaced your appliance.

Email security gateways

What is an email security gateway? According to TechTarget.com, “An email security gateway is a product or service that is designed to prevent the transmission of emails that break company policy, send malware or transfer information with malicious intent.

In this instance, this is a physical appliance you connect directly to your business network. These devices then check for malicious emails and attempt to prevent them from hitting your inbox.

What you need to do

If your small business utilizes Barracuda’s email security gateway and you haven’t either replaced or ordered your replacement appliance, contact their support team immediately. This is Barracuda’s recommendation as their no up update or patch for this vulnerability. It is also recommended to change any passwords that may be in use for other accounts and solutions. You should also investigate your network and devices for any signs of compromise dating as far back to October 2022.

This is a great reminder that just because you have a solution in place, it doesn’t make you invulnerable. It is equally important to stay on top of alerts for the tools and solutions your small business implements. Whether it is updating firmware, software, or replacing the device entirely, these are things that need to be done regularly. It also stresses the importance of not reusing passwords, especially with your security solutions.

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