I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season. December and January are filled with many observances from across the world. Some that have taken place, while others still to come. I would like to thank each of you for checking out Security Bytes this year. I hope you continue on with us in 2024.

Come check out our “End of the year” and “First of the year” Security Bytes in the coming weeks to both close us out and to get us roaring for 2024!

The “End of year” Security Byte will focus on things to consider as we wrap this year up. What did we learn? What kind of trends did we see? Were our 2023 predictions correct? While our “First of the year” entry will focus on some best practices to consider if we are just getting started with cybersecurity. We’ll talk about some 2024 predictions.

Once again from here at Security Bytes, happy holiday season!

In the meantime check out Small Business, Big Threat for more about protecting your small business from cybersecurity threats and to learn more about cybersecurity trends and topics!