Time to prepare for juice jacking! You have probably read or heard of juice jacking recently, with the FBI, FCC, and state attorney generals all warning about it. As you can see, juice jacking has been heavily reported on. So what is juice jacking and should you and your small business be worried about it?

What is juice jacking

This is a type of physical cybersecurity attack on a device. A cybercriminal will replace a legitimate USB charging station in a public location, like an airport, in order to steal data from a victim’s device. This is done by installing malware onto the device or by retrieving data from the device and storing it in the USB charger.

Should you worry

The short answer is, yes but no need to panic. These attacks can and have happened, just not on a grand scale. According to Slate, there just aren’t any confirmed examples of wide scale juice jacking events taking place. This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen, it’s just not common. Slate also says the FCC has no reason to believe there has been an increase in these types of attacks. With that said, it is always important to consider the risks when using a strange charging device. 

What you can do

Always use your own, trusted USB charger for your smartphones and handheld devices. This will help minimize any chances of falling victim. If you are in dire need of power, purchase a USB charger if and when possible. If you are unable to purchase a charger, set your phone to a battery saver mode to reduce battery consumption. To learn more about current cyber threats to your small business, steps you can take to protect your business, or to learn more on cybersecurity, check out Small Business, Big Threat!