Last week GoDaddy announced a multiple year compromise of their systems. This has led to a multi-year compromise by the same cyber attacker. The first compromise was identified in 2020 and the latest in 2022. GoDaddy received reports from customers stating their websites were being redirected. This led to an investigation in which GoDaddy discovered the latest cyber attack. According to GoDaddy the cyber attackers goal is “to infect websites and servers with malware for phishing campaigns, malware distribution and other malicious activities.

What GoDaddy is doing

GoDaddy will continue to work with law enforcement, forensic experts, and their impacted customers to remediate the compromise and to minimize the possibility of similar future attacks. They will continue to monitor customer sites and attempt to block any redirections for their customers.

What you can do

As with most third party cyber attacks, a lot is left out of your hands, but this doesn’t mean you are helpless. The number one thing to do is to monitor your website regularly and verify it has not been redirected elsewhere. If you find it has been redirected, contact GoDaddy immediately and attempt to redirect your website.

It is also a good idea to change any passwords you have to both GoDaddy and to your website itself. This will help minimize the risk of your accounts from being taken over. While in your GoDaddy account, check to see who has been granted access to your account and modify that access if needed. It is also a good idea to review your website’s user access and modify that too if needed.

Lastly, review your website and perform any needed updates to the website platform, especially any security updates. Check your plugins as well for updates and update those if there are any. DIsable any plugins you do not use while you are at it.

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