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Focus Four

Grow Your Business With Focus Four

Vision. Strategy. Execution. Cash Flow.

Focus Four™ is a structured program designed to help you integrate and align the four pillars of business success: Vision, Strategy, Execution and Cash Flow. Based on time- and battle-tested lessons learned from many of the best minds in business, as well as the collective experience and knowledge of the Mi-SBDC’s network of consultants and clients, Focus Four™ can help you grow your business faster, with less chaos and greater profitability. Best of all, the Focus Four™ Field Guide (e-book) and associated Tool Kit are available to you here at no-cost and without obligation.

Do-It-Yourself or Do-It-With-Help

In fact, the Focus Four E-Book and Tool Kit were designed with a modular, do-it-yourself approach in mind. You don’t have to go it alone, of course – we have several trained facilitators on staff (all available at no-cost) and there are many advantages to 3rd-party implementation; but the DIY option is available for those who might prefer a less structured approach to implementation.

The Framework

Four core focuses, each with three key modules, all designed to comprehensively work together to significantly strengthen your business. Yes, there’s a lot to digest and, yes, implementation will require discipline, time and commitment. But the results can be well worth the effort. Graphically, the contents of Focus Four™ look like this


"We found Focus Four to be a valuable effort in expanding our new service offerings. [My SBDC Consultant] Jim McLain has a talent in directing the conversation from a targeted marketing angle to get to what is important for our customers. We are using our work from Focus Four in our next marketing steps. Jim is a wealth of knowledge who knows how to guide business owners effectively."Mariyah Saifuddin, Innovative Solution Partners

Interested in growing your business with Focus Four?

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