Power Up Your Workforce: Webinar Series

How has your business adapted to the new labor economy?

Hear from industry experts on how you can “Power Up Your Workforce” as we discuss best HR practices and help you strategize for success as you continue to grow your business. This webinar series will feature Michigan SBDC Growth Team consultants who will share their expertise as how small businesses throughout the state can rise to this challenge and adapt to some challenging times. From October 12 through November 2, register for any of our upcoming discussions below!
Power Up Your Workforce Series – Part 1

🗓 Tuesday, October 12 @ 11am

In an extremely competitive labor market, re-imagining your HR practices around talent acquisition and talent management are key to finding and keeping great employees. Join us to explore current challenges and opportunities, identify what today’s employees are looking for in their work experience, and how to meet those expectations through innovative hiring and retention practices. Includes Employer Discussion sharing ideas that work!


Power Up Your Workforce Series – Part 2

🗓 Tuesday, October 19 @ 11am

In any business, people are your greatest assets, and when they are in short supply or difficult to engage, it’s time to re-examine your hiring practices. Join us to explore integrating best practices from the human resources and marketing fields to design an engaging employee experience that will wow candidates from job posting to job offer and beyond!

Power Up Your Workforce Series – Part 3

🗓 Tuesday, October 26 @ 11am

The Gig Economy of independent workers is stronger than ever! Join us to discover “who” the gig economy is, how to find and hire them, and how to structure your business to make the most of this growing workforce. Emphasis will be on regulatory compliance, independent contractor status, and tax implications of using a contingent or project-based labor force.

Power Up Your Workforce Series – Part 4

🗓 Tuesday, November 2 @ 11am

In today’s challenging labor market, it’s more difficult than ever to find employees who can do the work AND are suited to the environment of your company. It’s also more important than ever! Join us to learn how using a targeted system for finding employees who F.I.T. your positions and company culture can lead to greater employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

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