Brothers Hydrovac

2234 White Eagle Pass
Swartz Creek, MI 48473
(810) 644-2193

Hydro excavation can be a messy business: the process uses pressurized water to break up soil while simultaneously using a high-powered vacuum to remove the slurry and drop it into a debris tank for off-site disposal. But when working around sensitive utilities such as gas and water lines, hydro excavation is embraced around the world as a clean and safe dig compared to mechanical and hand digging.

Dani Kauzlarich spotted the hydro excavation trend heading toward the U.S. market, and became a founding partner of Brothers Hydrovac in Swartz Creek. When she wanted to grow her business, Dani turned to the Michigan SBDC. There she met Senior Business Consultant Harry Blecker, who provided help securing financing from Metro Community Development. The influx of capital enabled the business not only to survive but to thrive, shoring up cash flow and the ability to bid on new projects. In addition, Business Growth Consultant Dan Brophy of the Growth Team assisted in valuation services for general strategic and merger planning.

“My experience working with Harry was life-changing as far as my business goes,” said Dani. “I came to him at a time when I was worried about potentially losing our business. We had so many new clients and so many opportunities, but we were running into a roadblock with our traditional banking financing.”

“Harry was very encouraging and talked me through some different tools on how to put all of it down onto a piece of paper: what I was looking for, what my business had done, what my aspirations were for the business. We put together a plan, and through that was able to get additional financing. I received an injection of capital which allowed the business to continue to grow and take on new projects.”

As Dani put it, “Thank you to the Michigan SBDC for giving me hope. I came to Harry at a time when I wasn’t sure that our business was going to be operating the next day, and he’s been with me every step of the way. For that I could not be more grateful.”


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