Established in 1955, Cherry Hill Barber Shop has been serving the West Dearborn neighborhood and surrounding communities for over 65 years.  Cherry Hill Barbers offers a family-friendly environment where people of all ages come to get a haircut or shave and is so loved by the community it was voted Best Barbershop in 2020. The owner, Lisa Sourbeck, started working at Cherry Hill Barbers in 1998 as a hair stylist and then purchased Cherry Hill Barbers right before the pandemic hit.

After experiencing hardship due to COVID-19, Lisa Sourbeck reached out to the Michigan Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and was connected to business consultant Kay Reisen. Kay helped by providing ongoing, no-cost consulting in the areas of planning, marketing, social media, and website benefits. Consulting sessions were conducted through frequent zoom meetings, phone calls and emails. Jottful, a statewide CARES Act provider, worked with Lisa to develop a new website, and she now has a new and vibrant online presence.

“January 2020 began my journey as a Small Business Owner,” said Lisa. “Throughout our three month closure due to COVID-19, an opportunity presented itself to remodel our shop with help and donations from our community. We are very blessed to have loyal clientele that made it possible for Cherry Hill Barbers to succeed in 2020. Our SBDC consultant, Kay Reisen, has been an amazing help to Cherry Hill Barbers, and her time and effort is greatly appreciated. Kay provided Cherry Hill Barbers a website built through the CARES Act, information on many opportunities to expand our business, and took the time to follow up with services provided.”

“Thank you Kay from all of us here at Cherry Hill Barbers!”

— Lisa, Derek, Sophia, Suzy & LisaLearn more about Cherry Hill Barbers by visiting

Published: April 12, 2021


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