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Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor, Tech Team Member
Scott Taylor

Product Development and Strategies

For CEOs of technology startup companies, Scott helps them figure out the best plan for bringing their new innovation to the market. 

Previously, as one of two founders of Soloshot Inc, he served as the company’s president while scaling it from an idea into a global brand with multiple product line generations, worldwide distribution, in-house and outsourced manufacturing, internal and external sales/marketing/R&D teams, and multiple issued patents.

When companies are ready to prepare for raising investment, Scott helps them develop their…

  • Investor Pitches – Scott has helped 100’s of companies create compelling investor presentations. 
  • Financial Forecasts – Scott helps teach founders how to create financial models that represent their business plan. 
  • Commercialization Strategy – Scott helps founders develop a market roll out strategy that sets them up for success. 

His home is lakeside in Brighton Michigan with his wife and two incredible young kids.