So you’ve decided you’re ready to be an entrepreneur and now is the time to finally turn that business idea of yours into an actual business! First off, take pride in taking a very meaningful first step toward launching your business. Now, you may be wondering what your next nine steps are. Found in our free Guide to Starting a Small Business, there is a logical sequence of actions for starting a business that includes 10 steps in the following ✔️list:


𝟏 Perform the Self Assessment

𝟐 Select a Business Idea

𝟑 Perform Market Research

𝟒 Refine or Reconsider Your Business Idea

𝟓 Analyze Your Startup Costs

𝟔 Refine or Reconsider Your Business Idea♽

𝟕 Write Your Business Plan

𝟖 Complete the Startup Checklist

𝟗 Secure Financing For Your Business

𝟏𝟎 Start Your Business!

Keep this list handy as you continue to navigate through your small business journey. And don’t worry, you won’t have to take that journey alone. By registering for free one-on-one business consulting, we’ll pair you with an expert in your field that can help guide and mentor you each step of the way.

Here’s what’s next: 

Learn more about how to get started owning your very own small business by checking out our Guide to Starting and Operating a Small Business

Register for upcoming free business education webinars and trainings. 

Register for free one-on-one business consulting to partner with a mentor that can help you wherever you’re at in your small business journey! 

Starting a Business