Maggie’s Pastries LLC

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As a thank you, Maggie Herron made a birthday cake for her friend’s twins. It was that moment when Maggie realized that she could turn her hobby into a business. With 0 business experience or training, Maggie started her business in the comfort of her home in Midland in January 2019. Maggie’s first paying customer was a friend, and the transition from her hobby to a business was organic. Since starting her business, Maggie now makes cakes, macaroons, cupcakes, cookies, cake pops, and wedding desserts.

Maggie’s background is in chemical engineering, so the transition to a home-based business was not simple. She found herself becoming burnt out by the commitment, but she was able to turn to the Michigan SBDC for assistance in creating a sustainable business.

Her journey with the SBDC began in July 2022, where Maggie was assigned to work with Chris Vieau. Together, they were able to analyze the different packages of her products, which gave her courage. Maggie and Chris took into account the type of cake (i.e, 2, 3, 4 tier) and the number of hours that each cake took to make to set proper prices for her services. She has since been able to track her finances more regularly to make important business decisions. Maggie shared that working with the SBDC lifted a burden:

“I feel like I have a friend who I can talk to about what can be the next step, what is the wise step, and to have another set of eyes to help me create this spreadsheet of progression each month.”

From 2021-2022, Maggie has tripled her revenue. She has been able to expand her services by offering live sketching and offering her services throughout the state of Michigan. Maggie takes pride in her work and is able to capture the uniqueness of each client by gathering their input to design their dream cake, which resembles their love. Maggie admires that she can provide an unforgettable memory for her clients.

As a start-up business, Maggie shared that she had a difficult time learning to receive assistance. She found it natural to serve her clients because she was passionate about her business. Maggie shared that entrepreneurs should not be afraid to have the courage to ask for help, as she found comfort and security working with the SBDC.

“Entrepreneurship. Why do we have to do it by ourselves? There is someone who can help us. Don’t do it alone because there are people excited to work with you and ensure your success.”

Learn more about Maggie’s Pastries LLC on her website and Facebook.


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