Northbound Physical Therapy & Wellness

818 Red Dr Suite 100
Traverse City, MI 49684


Doctor of Physical Therapy Aubrey Jabour is passionate about the holistic approach physical therapy can have to empower patients to care for their bodies. She worked in traditional healthcare systems for many years, only to conclude that in many respects the system is broken by not offering preventive solutions to common problems. 

“My goal is to keep my community from needing to spend precious time and resources on preventable pain and injuries. I want to help people move their best so they can continue to do the activities which are meaningful to them,” said Aubrey. “But when I decided to open Northbound Physical Therapy and Wellness, I had no business training and didn’t really understand the inner workings of insurance. I needed support on how to start and run a business. That’s what I found with the Michigan SBDC.”

She met with Consultant Kate Cardinali, who assisted with all facets of the startup. “Kate’s been great; it’s been very helpful to have someone in my corner with a business mindset – another set of eyes that are different from my niche. That outside perspective has been especially helpful in marketing and social media strategy,” said Aubrey.

Her clinic now offers direct musculoskeletal prevention services such as employer custom solutions to control direct and indirect costs of musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace, and individual VIP services in home, in office, or online to help restore, improve, or prevent a decline in physical function. 

Aubrey’s advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs: “Talk to your network. Grow your network of resources and people such as the Michigan SBDC, and go meet the needs of your community.” 

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