Northside Barber Shop 2010

3440 North East Street
Lansing, MI 48906

Gilbert Albarez is accustomed to draping his clients with a Superman cape. Or a Michael Jordan one. Or a simple black one, if that’s their preference. You see, Gilbert has been expertly cutting and styling hair for over 20 years on Lansing’s Northside, making him a staple in the community. 

Gilbert built a loyal clientele while renting a chair and leasing part of a building, but when he wanted to expand his business he connected with the Michigan SBDC at Lansing Community College. There he met Senior Business Consultant Darryl Horton, who explained the process for securing a commercial loan, including the criteria for getting approved.  

“I found a building I wanted to purchase which now includes five chairs, including my work station. The building met all the specifications I wanted, but needed some remodeling,” said Gilbert. “Darryl helped me prepare a business plan and develop financial projections for the business. The Michigan SBDC also connected me with a local lender, who was able to get me approved for both the purchase of the building and the financing of necessary renovations.”

Gilbert is now the proud owner of Northside Barber Shop 2010. Based on the assistance he received, he has become a strong advocate for and referred others to Darryl and the Michigan SBDC.

Learn more about Northside Barber Shop 2010 here.


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