Schindy’s at Diamond Lake

297 W. Foss Avenue
White Cloud, MI 49349
(231) 689-0200


Focus, focus, focus is the advice given to most entrepreneurs. So how does a combination bar, pizza, convenience and gas store make sense – much less prosper – in White Cloud, Michigan?

“It’s a great concept for northern Michigan,” says Diane Schindlbeck, who owns the business with her husband Eric. “Our store is located near a county campground, trails and Diamond Lake. In rural America it’s important to generate multiple revenue streams, and our offering fills a lot of needs in one spot. We had to add a kitchen to get our liquor license, so we chose pizza.”

Diane attended a local GROW event, where she met Michigan SBDC Senior Business Consultant Marie Elliott. Marie assisted with understanding financial statements, cash flow and capital formation through business consulting and market research. To say Marie made an impact on Diane and the business is an understatement. 

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In Diane’s words, “We’ve built trust with each other and you, Marie, have been an amazing coach. You take the time to sit with me and explain where things are coming from and where they’re going. You’ve personally supported my business by purchasing food from our restaurant and items from our store. You keep me focused and accountable to what needs to be done. You regularly reach out to me to see how I’m doing and listen to any updates I can share. Your service is something I can’t put a price tag on. Your friendship and professional services are so valuable to me and I can’t wait for you to watch our business flourish and impact our rural community. I can travel that journey confidently by knowing that you’re just a phone call away and here to help. For that, I will always be grateful.”

Learn more about Schindy’s – and its award-winning pizza – here.


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