The Koop

10382 S Koopman Rd
Marion, MI

Fun fact: Golden Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in Michigan. McBain residents Tyler Gernaat and his family are great fans of the loyal, family-friendly breed, and have raised AKC registered Golden Retrievers for years. 

Tyler and his family recognized a need in their community for boarding services after friends and family repeatedly asked, and decided to expand their business by constructing a large stand-alone building. They turned to the Michigan SBDC and certified business consultant Joni Krolczyk for guidance.

“We decided we wanted to do this by the book, securing all necessary approvals and putting the structure in place to set us up for future success,” said Tyler. “Joni’s been great at helping us lay the groundwork, write the business plan and secure a loan for the building.”

Despite some construction set-backs and challenges, the 18-kennel building opened just in time for the key Spring Break season, and was instantly filled to capacity. The sparkling facility has individual exterior runs for daytime play, and indoor kennels for night time rest and has been named The Koop.

“I’m a fifth-generation dairy farmer, and am still actively involved in the farm’s dispatching operations. But the chance to build a new small business that I can leave to my daughters if they want it – that’s why I’m working hard on this,” said Tyler.


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