Almost 5 million Android phones in China (currently this malware has only been seen in China) have a malware called RottenSys installed on them. RottenSys is a botnet (a network of devices connected to the internet, controlled as a group to perform malicious activities, like a DDoS attack). This particular botnet also places ads on a user’s phone, creating a source of income for the malware creators. The malware creators are generating about $115,000 every ten days!

This is a problem in China because there is no proper Google Play Store like there is in the United States. Android users in China download third-party apps regularly without caution. Apps infected with RottenSys typically ask the user to allow a long list of app & device permissions. Even though this is an issue in China, it is a good reminder to always view the permissions any app is requesting prior to downloading. It is also important to download apps from a trusted store, like the Google Play Store.