We recently wrote about the SolarWinds hack a couple of weeks back, but there is some new and interesting information coming out. There appears to be a second SolarWinds hack. According to Reuters, there was a second compromise.

The second cyberattack

As Reuters reports, there is a suspected second attack of SolarWinds. This attack is independent from the previously reported one from earlier last year. As of right now, it is unknown how many organizations have been impacted by this second hack.


SolarWinds has patched this new vulnerability back in December 2020 according to Wired. Wired reports SolarWinds was compromised differently than the previously known hack. SolarWinds currently states that there is no known data breach of the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Finance Center, one of the alleged victims.

Why this matters

For starters, your small business may use SolarWinds or have partnering organizations who do. More importantly it shows that even those we entrust to protect our small businesses can also fall victim to cyberattacks. This isn’t to get us down, but it’s a reminder we all need to continue to stay diligent and do the best we can. We can do this by training and educating ourselves, by deploying solutions, and being prepared for the day we may also suffer a data breach.