It is important for most small businesses to deploy some cybersecurity services and tools to better protect their information, devices, and network. It is also important to make sure you select trustworthy and reputable services and tools. Finding these reputable resources is not always easy, but there are resources out there that can help. Here at Security Bytes we have our own resource guide listing several different cybersecurity solutions. Sometimes in house solutions are needed and CISA provides great insight into several options a small business can take as well.

Where to start

Prior to launching any tool or hiring any service, it is critical to identify your important data. This will help you know what tools you may need or what services you should purchase. Identify the data you must absolutely have in order to run and operate your small business. Consider this data to be some of your most valuable assets that require protection.

Selecting what you need

Once you identify your most critical data it is time to make a plan on how to protect it. There can be many successful ways to do this. It is now time to identify reputable services and tools. You may start this with a search engine, but this may not always be the best route. Sometimes search engines will bring back results that aren’t all reputable. To help with this, the resource guide mentioned above is a great starting point. America’s SBDC North Star CMM also offers a great resource you can utilize as well.

With the right resources you can now evaluate several of the services and tools you may want to deploy and find the one that works best for your small business needs. Security Bytes encourages every small business to look at multiple solutions prior to picking one. This allows for you to find the right one.

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