Get ready for Windows 11

With the announcement of a new version of Windows on its way, let’s take a moment to talk about how your small business can get ready for Windows 11. Upgrading to a new operating system can range anywhere from an easy task to a large daunting task, with much in between. The small businesses who prepare will be the most ready!

Why should I update?

Many people will ask this question, “Why should I update?” and my answer is, for the cybersecurity improvements! Now, cybersecurity improvements aren’t the only reason to upgrade though. Some reasons to upgrade are: new features, new user interface, better cybersecurity, and compatibility with new software and hardware!

When does Windows 11 come out?

Microsoft, as of this writing, hasn’t announced a specific date just yet, but said it would be released this holiday season on new computers and updates for existing computers will start in the first part of 2022.

Can my existing computer get the update?

Not all computers will be able to handle the newest Windows 11 version. Microsoft has released the hardware requirements and that can be found here. One of the requirements is for your device to have TPM (Trusted Platform Module) 2.0. You may not be familiar with what TPM is or how to even identify if your computer has it. How to Geek has a great explainer on what it is and how to find out if you have it.

How should I approach the upgrade?

With any new operating system upgrade, it is usually a good approach to take a planned and methodical approach. This allows for you to better plan the speed and process of how you will upgrade your devices.

When upgrading to a new operating system, confirm your existing software and hardware is compatible with it, if it is not, will there be free or low cost updates and when will those updates come out? If you have system critical software, say you are in manufacturing or in medical and utilize specialized equipment or devices, it is best to test an update on those prior to updating all of your devices. Specialized equipment sometimes will have hardware and firmware limitations that are unknown or hard to identify, so take it slower with those.

For a lot of us though, we can more safely upgrade to the new Windows 11 with much less worry. I still advise taking your time and not doing all your computers at once, but only a few at a time to be safe though. Once confirmed the newest release is stable for your devices and setup, then you can upgrade at a higher speed. So let’s get ready for Windows 11!

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