Important Windows OS Update
Important Windows OS Update

Little over a week ago, Microsoft announced an important Windows OS update. The reason for this emergency update is a cybersecurity vulnerability commonly known as PrintNightmare. PrintNightmare allows for remote cyberattacks that execute code with system-level(admin) privileges.

Updating Windows devices

Recently we wrote about the importance of updating your devices, this includes hardware, firmware, and software. In this case, updating your OS is a software update. Microsoft regularly releases updates for Windows on Tuesdays, generally the second Tuesday of every month. This is now regarded as either Patch Tuesday or Update Tuesday. This important Windows update however was released outside of the usual Tuesday release because of its importance.

The importance of this update

As mentioned above, this particular cyber vulnerability, if exploited, gives the cyber attacker system-level access. This kind of access allows for full control of the exploited device. Having this type of control may also allow the cyberattacker to gain access to your full business network, with the possibility of network-level control.

Updates do matter

Updating your software, especially the operating systems of your devices matters. Updates play a critical role in keeping your data, devices, and most importantly you small business more cyber secure.

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