Protect Your Retail Business this Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season among us now is the time to protect your retail business, especially with cybersecurity professionals predicting retailers to be under attack! Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an increase in attacks on retailers. It is expected that these attacks will continue through the holiday season and to the end of the year. In the United Kingdom we have seen consistent attacks on retailers with 60% of the attacks focused on credential theft.

What to Watch For

In May, DigitalCommerce360 published an article with four key things to watch for during the remainder of this year. The article explains why retailers should be on the lookout for web application attacks, bad bots, customer journey hijacking, and phishing and spear phishing attacks.

How You Can Protect Your Retail Business

If you’re a retailer there are important actions you can take to help minimize risks. These actions include:

minimize your cybersecurity risks

  1. Starting a training and awareness program for your employees
  2. Partnering with a trusted managed service provider. This will provide assistance in securing your networks and technology
  3. Being diligent to phishing scams and thinking before you click
  4. Ensuring the software on your technology is fully up-to-date

For more information on cyber-threats, checkout Small Business, Big Threat!