Turn your Android Smartphone into a Security Key

Recently Google stated their 85,000 employees have not successfully been phished since 2017, they have done this by having all employees use a physical security key to authenticate into their accounts. Now any Android smartphone using Android 7.0 and higher can use their smartphone as a security key for their Google accounts. Using a security key is a more secure method of two-factor authentication over other methods, like one time passcodes sent via text or email, automated phone calls with one time passcodes, or authentication apps.

Two-factor authentication is a must have for a small business’s user accounts, especially since two-factor is becoming more common for most account types. Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security, requiring the user to authenticate with more than just a username and password, both of which can be hacked. The additional layer forces another form of authentication to help ensure that the user accessing the account is actually the user authorized to access the account.