Digested Organics 

 Delivering Sustainable Value Through Innovative Filtration

Digested Organics specializes in filtering and treating high-solids wastewaters and process streams to help its customers reduce wastewater disposal costs, reclaim clean water for reuse, and produce valuable co-products. The company also deploys its filtration technology to help companies manufacture clarified or concentrated food and beverage products. 

The relationship between the Michigan SBDC and Digested Organics has its origins while CEO/Founder Bobby Levine was a Ph.D. candidate in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan. His original student-led company developed a novel food waste to energy digestor technology for food stores and cafeterias. 

Following graduation in 2013 Bobby founded Digested Organics which specializes in water reclamation solutions for waste streams. Implemented world-wide, the Company’s propriety technologies are critical to addressing global issues such as water scarcity and groundwater pollution, and to the creation of sustainable, circular agriculture. 

Utilizing customized filtration solutions, Digested Organics’ technology dramatically reduces farmers’ costs for disposing of millions of gallons of wastewater by converting them into clean water and products like fertilizer, animal bedding, and energy. For example, the Company’s project in Brown County Wisconsin processes over one million gallons of manure daily from 13 dairy farms, converting it into over 400,000 gallons of clean water and 1,630 MMBtu’s of natural gas. 

“Working with Kayo and the team at the SBDC helped immensely when we were just getting our footing as a young company. We needed help structuring investments, crafting business deals, recruiting talent, and finding space to manufacture. SBDC was a great resource for our team over more than 10 years.”Bobby Levine, CEO

Key Accomplishments

  • Created approximately 40 jobs in Michigan 
  • Raised capital from private investors and funds 
  • Exited to Mott Corporation after 10 years of growth 

Michigan SBDC Assistance

Tech Team Consulting

  •  SBIR Application and Assistance 
  • Legal 
  • Employee Management and Relations 
  • Supplier Agreements and Contracts 
  • Investor Relations and Outreach 
  • Financial Planning 
  • Financing, including Early Stage, PPL/EIDL and Debt Restructuring 
  • Marketing/Sales Strategy 

Additional Support From

  •  Ann Arbor SPARK 

Published October 2023.

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