On October 30th, 2023 president Joe Biden signed an Executive Order for AI protections and safeguards. The intent of the Executive Order is to create Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. With the influx of AI chatbots, audio and visual creation tools, and other generative AI tools this could be an important step for cybersecurity and AI. With exciting new technologies, cybersecurity is forgotten, this aims to stop that from happening. Why does this matter and are there cybersecurity risks with AI? Here at Security Bytes, we have previously written on a few of the risks and below are a few of them.

A quick recap

AI scam calls – A new threat has emerged, AI scam calls. These are phone calls from scammers using artificial intelligence to mimic the voice of someone you know.

ChatGPT cybersecurity concerns – You may be wondering if ChatGPT has any cybersecurity concerns and the answer is a resounding yes! According to a survey of IT professionals performed by Blackberry, 71% of respondents believe foreign states are already likely using ChatGPT for malicious purposes.

AI cyber threat – With AI (artificial intelligence) taking us by storm it is important to remember the AI cyber threat is very real. The Hacker News reports on a new AI tool known as ‘FraudGPT’ is being marketed on the dark web and telegram as a new resource for cyber criminals to utilize. 

Other known risks

Did you know the business data entered into generative AI chatbot might be available for everyone else? This is true on many platforms, even if you request to delete it. This is because AI does not really ever unlearn something. The data you inputted may still linger in some form, accessible to others. This makes it crucially important on how you decide what chatbot you select and use. You also need to be selective of what types of information you allow your users to input into it.

Just the beginning

Did you know AI and its true potential and power is not fully realized yet. Artificial intelligence is a tool and resource we are all at the forefront with, learning as we go. Cybersecurity risks will increase and become more numerous as the capabilities of AI are realized.

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