You may be wondering if ChatGPT has any cybersecurity concerns and the answer is a resounding yes! According to a survey of IT professionals performed by Blackberry, 71% of respondents believe foreign states are already likely using ChatGPT for malicious purposes. The survey also found 51% of IT professionals believe there will be a successful cybersecurity attack credited to ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT

Let’s backtrack a little and talk about what ChatGPT is first. ChatGPT is a recently released  AI chatbot that takes user input to generate human conversation and writing. It is also capable of assisting with complex tasks like checking for errors in coding, as it will make suggestions to fix errors. Some of its other uses are writing school research papers, news articles, and more.

Why this matters

There are several concerns with ChatGPT and other AI chatbots. These AI chatbots will be able to quickly generate misinformation that sounds very real, as it will mimic human conversation. This poses a real threat as the misinformation will be hard to distinguish as AI written.

Another concern is the ability for AI chatbots to assist with writing code. Code is used to create software programs, including malware. This means an inexperienced programmer can create malware to use to perform cyber attacks. This will only increase the already overwhelming amount of cyber attacks.

One of the other bigger concerns is the ability to create even more convincing phishing emails, including business email compromise attacks. With the ability to write in the recipients native language and with improved grammar and spelling, phishing emails will be even harder to detect.

What you can do

With cybercrime not slowing down any, it is even more important to prepare your small business and to implement cybersecurity policies and solutions for your small business. One way to prepare is by taking our online learning course to test your cybersecurity knowledge. After that, checkout our Free Resources to get additional information. Lastly, signup for our no cost service to speak with a cybersecurity expert! So yes, ChatGPT does have cybersecurity concerns!