Eagle Link LLC

1364 Old US 2/41
Bark River, MI 49807

“Every animal teaches us something.” That’s the mantra of Eagle Link, LLC and its owners Jill McDermott and Lynda Reese. 

As children, both were active with animals and their care through local 4-H clubs, but as adults they took different but related paths. Jill built a large horse facility, competed at American Quarter Horse Association-sanctioned shows and became certified in massage for horses, dogs and humans. Lynda pursued health care, with a first career as a veterinary assistant and then a second career as an RN with orthopedic and geriatric rehabilitation experience. Their love of animals and creativity led to a collaboration, and with a unique, patented design the Eagle ProSix product was born.

Eagle ProSix is a knitted, ventilated elastic product that wraps fore to hind and provides support and gentle resistance to a horse’s own movements. The tension in the elastic creates external stimuli on stretch receptors in the muscles to provide information to the neurons and the brain, bringing the injured or non-communicating area back “online.” There’s even an Eagle ProSix K-9 for dogs!

It’s one thing to have a patented product. It’s another to get the word out about it. That’s when Jill and Lynda reached out to the Michigan SBDC and met Certified Business Consultant Nicole Young Potvin, who helped them with their marketing and exporting efforts. “A new business can be difficult and some challenges feel insurmountable. Nicole breaks it down, walks you through it, opens doors and offers opportunities. She is our mentor, she is our friend, and we are grateful to her and the Michigan SBDC for the programs that make her guidance and all of the training and programs available to assist fellow entrepreneurs,” said Jill and Lynda.

Today Eagle Link distributes its products to owners of champions and of backyard pets, as well as to veterinarians in all 50 states and a long list of international countries. Eagle Link also was honored with a Michigan Celebrates Small Business Best Small Business Award in 2022. 

*The material found on this story is provided for educational purposes only, and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please seek professional veterinary advice prior to use as a rehabilitation or reconditioning aid. Eagle Link, LLC is not held responsible for any harm or injury that may occur.


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