Brown Boy Brown Girl, LLC

Teresa Baker is a first-generation small business owner who is teaching her children how to become entrepreneurs themselves. But her multimedia publishing company, Brown Boy Brown Girl, LLC (BBBG), is teaching the world so much more—through the values of love, social benefit, integrity and awareness. 

Founded in 2015, BBBG’s vision is to celebrate the diversity of brown children, and its mission is to amplify young voices of color by asserting positive representation through its products. According to Teresa, “We want BBBG to be a champion for social justice, portraying the faces of brown boys and brown girls in a positive light. Adults buy our products, but it’s all about building confidence in children.” The line of children’s books has grown to include stationery and is sold online and in all Meijer retail stores. Next up for the assortment: dolls.

“Rome wasn’t built overnight, and neither are small businesses. We thought we had a plan – but it wasn’t until we started working with the Michigan Small Business Development Center that we hammered out the details. They brought clarity and resources to our sales and marketing efforts, and what’s amazing is that it was all at no-cost to us,” said Teresa. 

Someday Teresa envisions multiple BBBG storefronts—perhaps with even a flagship store in Kalamazoo. 


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