Battery manufacturing uses a decades old wet process to make Li‐ion battery electrodes. Intecells has a lab‐proven system to convert battery making to a dry deposition process in a typical manufacturing environment. Their cold plasma‐ based technology works in an open atmosphere, unlike any other solid‐state process. Direct deposition of battery materials to substrates increases material efficiency, which increases the output‐weight ratio, cuts battery costs, and eliminates the risk of exploding batteries.

This patented, solid‐state electrode design utilizes only materials that directly contribute to battery capacity, power, and safety. Energy consumption in the manufacturing process is minimized. Capital requirements and production space are reduced, and output flow is increased. When fully developed, the cost/output is likely to be halved.

Key accomplishments

  • $2 million VC investment
  • Revenue from product development with customers

“The SBDC Tech Team has provided critical support in drafting our business plan, financial model, and patent strategy. We would not have gone this far as a startup without it … Intecells continues to count on the support from the Tech Team as it faces new challenges in growing its revenue.”
– Xiaohong (Shawn) Gayden, CEO and Co‐Founder

Published: October 22, 2020


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