Ty GrayEl LLC


While many businesses across Michigan have had to adjust their business plan and approach to navigate through this global pandemic, Ty Gray-EL was launching his company, TyGrayEL, LLC. With a background in sociology and psychology, the newly arrived native Washingtonian spent years going to schools, corporations, churches and various community organizations to speak and conduct workshops & seminars. Since moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, he has now also moved his work online to conduct his educational and cultural enrichment services virtually.

In the midst of COVID-19, Ty connected with the Michigan SBDC to take advantage of the SBDC’s CARES Act services to launch Ty GrayEL, LLC – a cultural enrichment content creation company that develops eCommerce, audio and video presentations.

As an “edutainment/infotainment” company, Ty worked with West Michigan SBDC business consultant George Fotis and more recently Mykel Barnes, to develop a business plan. He applied and received a grant to consult with The Connection Group to design a website that includes eCommerce products and more.

“Hats off to the SBDC. They really have assisted me with putting my business plan in place,” said Ty, CEO of TyGrayEL, LLC. “What the SBDC did for me was help me focus on what my business actually is, where my profit margins will be, and where my audience is. And George Fotis has been stellar.”

Today, Ty is available for booking as a public speaker and spoken word poet. As a Certified Stress Management Therapist through the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Interventionist, he conducts stress management, anger management and drug interdiction workshops. You can also check out his eCommerce store where you can purchase audio presentations, books, ebooks, posters, and more. Learn more about TyGrayEL, LLC by visiting www.tygrayel.com.

Published: November 11, 2020


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