Bridging the gap between construction and technology.

Detroit, MI

About Livegistics

With Livegistics, civil, demolition and trucking companies can easily convert paper truck tickets into a real-time continuous flow of information, data and metrics that allow them to be in better control of cash flow and planning for the future. What took months to audit and reconcile is complete in a matter of seconds using Livegistics!

In a world where minority tech company founders make up a fraction of 1%, it is refreshing to see a program that is targeted to help those who have historically been forgotten about. Our communities are full of talented people and visionaries who need more than just belief. They also need resources. Thank you SBDC for believing in me and believing in us.Justin Turk, CEO, Livegistics

Key Accomplishments

  •  First Place Prize Winner of $1M from Pharrell Williams Black Ambition Competition
  • Installed in 10 landfills across five states with more than 1000 customers using their software
  • In Summer 2021, the software was a key component in record breaking volume transactions at the scales of its largest client
  • Over 3 years, the company has had a 97% customer retention rate
  • On pace to have over 1500 users by December 2021

Michigan SBDC Assistance

Business Accelerator Fund

•$25,000 Engagement via TechTown

•SOC2 Digital Security Audit

•Supported Company In Securing Contract And Major Strategic Partner

Additional Support From


Published November 2021.

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