With a recently announced vulnerability being exploited by cybercriminals, it is time to update your Google Chrome web browser. Google has indicated a zero-day exploit has been discovered Google has not disclosed much more about this exploit as they have seen it being used in the wild.

In the wild

This is a term used by cybersecurity experts to describe an exploit that is actively being used by cybercriminals. This means we know hackers are using it in malicious ways, typically to infect devices or gain control or access to a device or network. When this occurs, it is pretty common for cybersecurity researchers to not fully publish the exploit, in hopes to minimize others from exploiting it.

Update your browser

It is common for web browsers to need frequent updates. They are one of the most heavily used apps and allow you to directly interact with the internet. Because of this, cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to use your browser against you. It is important to update your browser frequently. Google provides great instructions on how to do just this!

Update your devices

Here at Security Bytes, we have focused on updating your devices and the important role this plays in keeping your data secure. Here is some of what we have said previously!

Software/application updates: These are updates to the software installed on your device or the applications or apps installed on your devices. 

Hardware updates: These are updates to the physical hardware. This could mean replacing the CPU or GPU of your computer, replacing a hard drive, or replacing the entire device. Because of this, hardware updates are more expensive and happen less often than software updates, but this doesn’t mean they are any less important.

Firmware updates: These are unique software updates to specific hardware. While you may classify this under software updates, firmware is its own separate thing. Firmware is the software that allows hardware to function.

Updating your browser, software, and other applications regularly is key to protecting your small business!

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