Did you know cybersecurity requires everyone to be successful? For any organization, but especially small businesses, everyone needs to be on board in protecting company data. Unfortunately a recent study by Terranova Security, found that 35% of US employees have little to no concern about theft of company data. This study also found that 20% of employees believe their employer cannot be a target of a cybercriminal. The study also found that 31% of employees are not even offered any cybersecurity awareness training, while 43% have not paricoated in any training.

Frightening survey results

The study should be an eye opener of the importance of a cybersecurity awareness program for all small businesses. The number one thing a small business can do to better protect their data is cybersecurity awareness training. It is generally one of the lower cost steps you can take as well. We know that human mistakes are the leading cause of cyber issues.

What you can do

As we approach Halloween, allow these results to spook you into action. It is time to start your cybersecurity awareness program. I really like to keep the beginning of any new business program simple. This is important because trying to do too much too soon can be a shock to the system that allows for strong pushback. So start simple and small.

  • Find or publish a really good cybersecurity webinar or presenter for annual training to cover the basics
  • Offer flyers, posters, and other handouts to keep at employee stations or in break rooms
  • Talk about cybersecurity for a few minutes at employee meetings, this can be as simple as discussing any recent phishing emails or best practices
  • Include a cybersecurity tip or trick in employee newsletters
  • Reward employees for identifying phishing or suspicious emails

It is important for us to remember, cybersecurity requires everyone for it to be successful. We all play a role in protecting our organization’s data.

To learn more about cybersecurity awareness and to sign up for our cybersecurity services check out Small Business, Big Threat!