Sticky Spoons Jam

11801 Pucker St
Niles, MI 49120

Nestled in the heart of Niles, Sticky Spoons is a Black female veteran-owned small-batch jam and preserve company that has taken the local culinary scene by storm. Founded with a passion for creating unique and delightful flavors, Sticky Spoons offers a range of jams and preserves that promise to surprise and delight the taste buds and uses 95% of their fruits from small family-owned farms within a 30-mile radius of their location.

With inventive combinations like strawberry basil, blueberry lavender, and strawberry jalapeno, the company has turned traditional preserves into versatile culinary delights used for sandwiches, cooking, baking, grilling, crafting bespoke cocktails, or simply enjoying straight from the jar.

Despite its flavorful offerings, Sticky Spoons faced financial challenges in its early days. This hurdle was a major roadblock to the company’s growth and expansion aspirations. Sticky Spoons engaged with the Michigan Small Business Development Center (Michigan SBDC). Through consultations, the company received invaluable guidance on funding access and other technical assistance necessary to scale the business from a Cottage Food operation to a Licensed Kitchen. The funding secured through this partnership was crucial for the construction of their new facilities.

Sticky Spoons has since achieved several significant milestones. In 2023, the company successfully launched its licensed kitchen and storefront. Additionally, they have placed their products on the shelves of 23 stores—21 in Michigan, one in Indiana, and one in Colorado. Furthermore, Sticky Spoons has been able to leverage the local workforce, hiring 10 employees dedicated to production and sales, subsequently contributing to the local economy.

Sticky Spoons measures its success through two primary metrics: the volume of jars produced in its kitchen and the number of store shelves its products occupy. The company’s goal is to continue expanding its market presence across Michigan and to break into Indiana and Ohio within the next two years.

Looking ahead, Sticky Spoons plans to continue its collaboration with the Michigan SBDC. Future efforts will focus on conducting research tailored to companies of their size, analyzing sales and marketing trends over the past two years, and projecting these trends into the next five years. This research will be pivotal in guiding their strategic decisions and marketing efforts.

Reflecting on the experience, Aiye Akhigbe, the founder of Sticky Spoons shared, “It was easy. I love that a business can grow with the Michigan SBDC—whether it is that initial conversation or the continued support provided. Best of all, it is free!”

Sticky Spoons stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, community support and strategic partnerships. With its innovative flavors and dedicated team, the company is well on its way to spreading joy—and jam—across even more tables and states.


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