Industrial feels and upscale meals.

“I call it upscale bar food,” said Nancy Russell, owner of the Landmark Taphouse and Grille in Three Rivers, Michigan. “We always liked going out to eat— enjoy a good meal, a good beer, and just enjoy the time together.”

Since opening its doors, the Landmark Taphouse & Grille has captured the essence of small town living in a fine dining atmosphere. With its owner, Nancy Russell, at the helm, the Landmark has established itself as a local favorite and highly sought after tourist stop, as well.

“We really value our guests and treat them like family,” said Russell. “It’s been such a crazy ride [owning a restaurant.] I’m just so grateful for everyone who’s stood by us, supported us and continue to support us.”

Shortly after deciding to start her own restaurant, Russell contacted the Michigan Small Business Development Center (MI-SBDC) to help her put together a plan for what the Landmark Taphouse & Grille needed to launch.

“[My SBDC consultant] Tamara Davis has been a godsend,” said Russell. “I just didn’t have any idea how much paperwork I needed to pull together to even start the process. She helped me so much with getting everything organized and continues to help me today!”

Over the years, Davis and Russell have worked closely together through submitting grant requests, making sure tax forms are on-time and organized, and connecting the Landmark Taphouse & Grille with the MI-SBDC CARES Act services. Because of the CARES Act services, Russell was able to receive affordable marketing assistance.

“I honestly don’t know where I would be today without Tamara’s help,” said Russell. “I don’t know if we would even be open. That’s how great of an impact she and the MI-SBDC have had on me and my business.”

To learn more about the Landmark Taphouse & Grille, please visit:

Published: February 5, 2021


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