Received an Email?
Be weary of emails offering you to track a package

A couple weeks ago we posted about Fake Delivery Emails During COVID-19 and how cyber-criminals were sending phishing emails claiming you had a package put on hold until you confirmed the delivery. Now, scammers are playing it a little more cool by sending phishing emails that inform you that you have a package being delivered and that you can track your shipment by clicking the link in the email.

Stop & Think!
Stop & think if you were expecting a package.

As we mentioned in the previous post, phishing emails about shipping packages is nothing new, but this is a new, interesting method being deployed by the cyber-criminals. Once again, the best advice if you are concerned about a delivery is contact the shipper directly or go to their legitimate website and enter in your tracking information there.

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Still Concerned? Contact the shipper directly
Still Concerned? Contact the shipping company directly