Does your business use WordPress as its website hosting solution? According to Wordfence, a popular WordPress security tool, over 900,000 WordPress sites have been under attack over the last few weeks. These attacks are typically utilizing cross site scripting (XSS) techniques from previous known vulnerabilities to access and expose data.

So what can you do to protect your WordPress site from being the next exposed website?

Solution 1:


The best thing you can do is to keep all of your WordPress plugins up to date. Wordfence states, “The vast majority of these attacks are targeted at vulnerabilities that were patched months or years ago.”

Solution 1: Keep all WordPress plugins up-to-date

Solution 2:


Another step you can take is to remove or deactivate unsupported plugins, especially those that WordPress has removed from their repository.

Solution 2: Remove or deactivate unsupported plugins

Solution 3:


Lastly, look into a third party solution to help protect your WordPress site from these and other attacks, like a web application firewall.

Solution 3: Look into third-party solutions

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