Ransomware Warning

On July 28th, 2020 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Cyber Division issued an alert on Netwalker Ransomware. The ransomware warning from the FBI is asking for your assistance in learning more and stopping this ransomware. They ask if your small business falls victim to any ransomware attack to report it to your local FBI Field Office.

Netwalker Ransomware

Since the start of 2020, Netwalker ransomware has become a popular ransomware attack by cyber criminals with several high profile attacks. Netwalker ransomware targets specific known vulnerabilities in Pulse Secure VPN and Progress Telerik UI. If your small business uses either of these it is encouraged to fully update your software to the latest available release to help minimize your risk.

What is Ransomware and How to Protect Against It?

Checkout our previous Security Byte to learn more about ransomware and on how to protect against ransomware.

Minimize your risk of Ransomware
Minimize your risk of Ransomware

Step 1: Follow the “3,2,1 Rule”

This rule explains that you should have three copies of your data backed up. This should be as two different media formats with one copy stored at an offsite location.

Step 2: Upload Anti-Virus/Malware Solutions to Your Devices

These should be business grade softwares. Uploaded these softwares to your computers, servers, and mobile devices.

Step 3: Create a Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

This should specifically address your business’ ransomware response.

Step 4: Train Yourself and Your Employees 

These training opportunities should specifically address the ransomware response your business will take if it does fall victim.