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About Thinking Habitats

Thinking Habitats specializes in the development of research-based learning environment systems and assessment tools fostering critical thinking and problem solving. Its mission is to empower people with thinking tools to lead successful lives and contribute to the well-being of their communities. R&D focuses on interactive technologies and artificial intelligence to create individualized learning pathways and ensure equitable access for all learners.

Their Front Porch Experience is an innovative school curriculum and integrated professional development program that uses the local news media as a tool to help students build the critical skills currently missing from the classroom and the workplace.

Without the expertise and experiences of the SBDC Tech Team, Thinking Habitats would not have been able to develop a successful business plan (Melanie de Vries) and receive federal grant funding (Anna Bier). We have been taken care of in every step of our success story.Dr. Florian Feucht, Founder

Key Accomplishments

  • Secured SBIR awards from USDA
    • USDA Phase I for $100K
    • USDA Phase II for $650K
  • Rapid prototype development in collaboration with Michigan high schools
  • Featured at ED Game Expo 2021, the US Department of Education’s showcase of game-changing EdTech innovations

Michigan SBDC Assistance

Tech Team Consulting

•Business Plan Development

•Marketing and Commercialization Strategy

•SBIR Proposal Writing

•Technology Road-Mapping

•Financial Modeling

Emerging Technologies Fund

•Phase 1 Award for $25K

•Phase 2 Award for $40K

•Accounting, Marketing and Sales Support

Business Accelerator Fund

•$25K Engagement Through TechTown

•Develop Competency Model and Pre and Post Tests to Assess Student Proficiency Levels

Additional Support From


Published October 2021.

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