Artificial intelligence is on the loose, so be on the lookout for sophisticated generative AI scams. These scams are generally more difficult to identify than the traditional social engineering attacks. This is because generative AI scams can be made to sound very human, look very human, and feel very human.

Generative AI is used to make voice impersonation for vishing calls, to create life-like images and videos that appear like real people and photos, and is used to author natural sounding emails and writings. The ability to do these things makes generative AI a game changer for small businesses, but it also has become a useful tool for cybercriminals. It has even made it so those with very little cybercrime skill can now be cybercrime masters.

Social engineering attacks

These cyber attacks attempt to ‘hack’ the human instead of the technology. Oftentimes these attacks want you to click a link or download a file. Other times it may be a phone call putting pressure on you to divulge confidential information. These attacks can now include completely fake images used to trick you.

What your business can do

As with most things regarding cybersecurity, the number one thing you can do is educate and train your staff on these types of scams. Regular and consistent education will keep your team better informed and prepared, reducing your risk of falling victim.

The best part is this is something you can do at no cost to your business. You can send out weekly or monthly newsletters highlighting some basic cybersecurity awareness tips. Instead of a newsletters, speak about these types of scams and cyber attacks at your regular staff meetings. This can be done by taking three to five minutes or longer if you desire during the meeting to raise awareness and even talk about specific phishing emails the business has received.

One more way your business can combat these attacks is by using AI to help prevent them from ever hitting your inbox. AI email security solutions are becoming more popular and integrated into the service already offered by many cybersecurity platforms.

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