The FBI recently released their yearly internet crime report for 2022. This report takes the complaints the FBI has received from across the United States and in some cases the globe. These are complaints of suspected crimes, including business email compromise, ransomware, romance fraud, unauthorized access, and more. The FBI then creates these reports to show the overall impact of known cyber attacks and to categorize them to identify trends. You can find the report here.

Michigan ranks where

One of the nice things about this report, it identifies individual states and reports on the amount of reported victims per state and the amount of money lost per state. So, where does Michigan rank? Before we start, remember Michigan is ranked 10th in total population. Drum roll please.

Michigan is ranked 8th for cybercrimes reported, meaning we report more cyber crimes than our population rank. Unfortunately since this report focuses on self reported crimes, we cannot say for certainty we have more cybercrime in michigan than our population rank. There is the chance that we are just more aware of it and want to report it for resolution.

Now what about money lost? Drum roll please. Michigan is ranked 17th for money lost per victim. This means we report less dollar loss than our population rank. Once again there is not enough data given to really say if this is an accurate rank.

So you now be thinking, “if the report cant accurately say if Michigan’s ranking is good or bad, what good is it?” Once again, this is only cybercrime that is reported. We can certainly generalize and say cybercrime impacts Michigan quite a bit and more so than most other states.

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