I have an Apple device, I am safe from malware and viruses. I have nothing to really worry about. Wrong! Unfortunately for many years and still to this day, many people believe if they have a Mac computer or an iPhone or iPad, they cannot get malware. Don’t believe the hype. This is not true at all. Mac and apple products are just as susceptible to malware attacks as Windows and Android devices. This article from CyberNews talks about a new malware targeting Mac computers, while this article from Wired discusses spyware and iPhones.

Misconceptions of cybersecurity

There are many misconceptions when it comes to cybersecurity, but this has been one of the most common over the years. As of this writing, every computer system has vulnerabilities that a cybercriminal can exploit. This is especially true if that device is connected to the internet. This brings us to another, thankfully less popular misconception, small businesses are too small and cybercriminals will ignore them. Years ago this was also a widely held belief, but through education and awareness training, this misconception seems to be fading away.

Someone else did

Another misconception I have heard is that the internet provider takes care of the security. The internet provider setup my router and settings for it and said I was all set. That it even updates by itself! While true, internet providers often setup and configure internet routers, this alone is not enough. It is just one layer of what should be many layers of security in place.

No experts needed

One final  misconception I have come across is in order to secure a small business, the small business has to be experts in cybersecurity. While having experts on staff or as a managed service provider, anyone can start a cybersecurity program within a small business. This can be done by creating policies, knowing and understanding your data and technology, deploying solutions like password managers and multifactor authentication, and by ensuring all devices have some form of endpoint protection. Another important action that can be taken is talking about cybersecurity at meetings or in newsletters. None of these require an expert to get started. Let’s put this misconception to rest.

So next time you think you are safe from malware, ask yourself, are you really? This time you will know.

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