Cybercriminals in Vietnam are targeting US businesses’ social media accounts. This campaign was first reported by With Secure. The primary focus of this attack is Facebook business accounts. These targeted attacks are often started by a LinkedIn message which contains a malicious file linked to a Google Drive. This malicious file contains a remote access trojan and information stealing malware which will install to your device.

What are…

Remote access trojans are malware programs designed to hide on your device for a period of time before allowing access to your device by a cybercriminal. This malware will sit and be idle, like the Trojan Horse, so as to not catch the attention of your antivirus program and after the predefined period of inactivity, it will go about its business of invading your device.

Information stealing malware will do as its namesake, it will steal your information. This information could be business data, private info, passwords, banking account numbers, etc. This can be done with numerous malware variants from keyloggers, to adware, to screen scrapers, web browser cookie and cache stealing, and so on.

What to watch out for

With this targeted attack, be on the lookout for unsolicited LinkedIn messages, especially those with attachments or links and continue your due diligence with phishing in general as it is likely the attackers will change delivery methods.  

What you can do

The best step you can take is enabling multfactor authentication on your social media accounts. One of the best things you can do is share this information with your employees and coworkers. Awareness of ongoing active threats is crucial in not falling victim to them. The next thing you can do is update your antivirus or malware protection solution on all of your devices. This will help prevent the installation of the remote access trojan or the info stealing malware. Another action you can take is to regularly train your employees on phishing emails and other messages.

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